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Townsquare Boise is your source for local community engagement, entertainment and client-focused solutions. Our people make our brands the best in the area.

Creating and delivering engaging entertainment is just the beginning. Integrating everything we do with our local community is not just an FCC mandate, it's in the DNA of the people we work with:

Local business owners know they have a partner in their Townsquare Media Account Executive (AE). Their AE, along with the Townsquare team, provides affordable and comprehensive solutions to help grow businesses. Townsquare Media brings to the table more options than ever before, and our veteran staff of trustworthy salespeople is equipped to provide integrated solutions, including traditional and new media advertising vehicles. That plan includes Townsquare Interactive, the division of our company that helps businesses create and manage their web presences.

Businesses who desire to grow need an unrelenting focus on their customers and their media habits. It starts with a top-notch website: optimized to be viewed on mobile devices, full of good content that changes often, up-to-date directory listings, buttoned-up SEO and digital assets that are constantly monitored. This will give your business a complete, reputable, results-driven online presence. Townsquare Media Boise is equipped to help businesses make and execute advertising and marketing plans with excellence.

What Makes Boise, ID Different?

Townsquare Boise owns and operates a robust portfolio of radio stations, digital properties and live events in the Boise area, as well as a digital marketing services company and a digital programmatic advertising platform dedicated to helping local Boise businesses grow.

It is sometimes said that Idaho is America's best-kept secret - and we like it that way! When visiting the area, visitors often notice that people are polite, kind and friendly; that drivers will allow for merging without horns blaring; that a short drive into the mountains from the capital city of Boise refreshes the soul. Favorite area activities include biking or hiking the 26-mile Greenbelt along the Boise River, attending football games with the Boise State Broncos on their famous blue field and taking the family to The Great Outdoors to enjoy activities such as white water rafting, kayaking, skiing and any other outdoor activity that you can think of.

The scenery is beautiful, the climate in the high desert is sunny and sees no precipitation most of the year. The Treasure Valley's population of nearly 600,000 is growing; it's a great place to work and raise a family. "Local" is not just a marketing phrase in Idaho - it's part of the state's culture.

Meet the Team

Shaun Collignon
General Sales Manager
Devon Webb
Director of IGNITE Products
Lucas Babin
Sr Account Manager
Betsy Bolland
Sr Account Manager
Pete Mills
Sr Account Manager
Rance Pugmire
Sr Account Manager
Erin Willouhby
Sr Campaign Manager
Stacy Abell
Account Manager
Desmond Banks
Account Manager
Jared Gulliver
Account Manager
Sarah Flores
Digital Media Specialist
Blair Jessen
Account Manager
Holly Johnson
National Account Manager
Dustin Kuck
Account Manager
Madison Maltby
Digital Media Specialist
Kim Rene
Account Manager
Becky Shupp
Account Manager
Darla Sturdevant
Agency Account Manager

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